A great way to get the word out in your community that you teach music lessons is to volunteer your time. Spending a little time each month giving away your music talent is an easy method to meet potential students and parents in your local neighborhood and it helps schools, churches, or youth organizations.

Consider volunteering as the pianist or vocal coach for the elementary school play. Perhaps help an afternoon a week to help the band director with sectional rehearsals or working specifically with children that are learning the instrument. Spend time with your church worship band or choir; all of these organizations need talented musicians such as you to help with their youth.

Before you donate your time make sure that you have carefully thought about how much time you have available to help. Deciding how much time you have to donate in teaching music lessons, assisting with choir rehearsals, orchestra sectionals, or school play is up to you. Being clear on what you want to do will also keep you from over extending yourself and giving away your services, because after all volunteering is important, but you also have to earn a living as a musician and or private music teacher.

Here are some ideas for when you volunteer to maximize your time:

  • Volunteer with youth organizations near the location you teach.
  • Let the teacher, parents, and adults working and volunteering with know that you teach private music lessons.
  • Always have business cards and contact information to give to people.
  • Volunteer at a few times a year to keep people familiar with you and your music skills.