Tame Your Schedule & Become a Recruiting Powerhouse

Do you wish you could get your life in focus? Organize your time to be fast and efficient to get things done and still have time for you? Well you can, it’s easier than you think. Learn how to organize your time, to-do list, and get your task list complete while still leaving personal time for you, your playing, and your family.

Once you have mastered your time, then learn how to organize yourself to recruit students. Recruit the ideal student you want to work with and become so in demand, you can create a wait list of students. Learn the foundations of using both local and internet to advertise for your studio. This is an essential video for all teachers to learn how to organize their time and how to recruit students both in their local community and on the internet.

Price: $39.97

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Personal Consultation for Your Business

I can help you solve the problems that keep you from being a great teacher. Do you need help with:

  1. Studio organization
  2. Finding students
  3. Marketing (beginner & advanced)
  4. Location
  5. The layout of your studio
  6. How to hire teachers
  7. Starting your business
  8. Website consultation
  9. Anything you need I can help

I come to your studio or we meet via phone or online meeting – Zoom