Finding unconventional ways to market your music lessons isn’t as hard as it may seem. The way to approach this situation is to look at your local community and think about how goods and services, particularly services, are marketed to the community. The odds are very high that your community has a plethora of ways that you can market your music lesson at little or no cost.

In the fast paced age of the Internet and social networking, it would be easy to forget some of the old ways that people use to get the word out. Now, we are not suggesting that you hire a town crier and go about ringing a bell, instead let’s try a few ideas that are easier. One idea is to post advertisements wherever you can do so freely. Most of us can probably think of areas in our communities where we can post for free. Think about your local coffee shops, independently owned clothing stores and other establishments. Post enough advertisements for your music lessons, especially near schools and you will see results. Music stores and record shops could be the answer to your prayers. Stop in and talk to the staff in these establishments. Often, due to your shared love of music, they will not only let you post advertisements on bulletin boards, but in some cases you might even be able to leave flyers in a strategically placed location. The chances of this happening with an independently owned shop are actually pretty good. If you have a bit of an advertising budget, why not experiment and see if it is possible to have your flyers put into the bags and given to customers at music stores and record shops. You might find that this is a very easy way of finding new clients interested in music lessons, and the small business owner may appreciate the added revenue even if it is small. Internet cafes often have areas to leave and post flyers. They should not be overlooked, as they often have a good deal of traffic through their establishments on a given day. Much of the trick is to be persistent and friendly when interacting with these independent businesses in your area about your music lessons. But don’t overlook posting areas in more corporate establishments either like Starbucks bulletin boards, for example. Why not take advantage of these establishments? The worse thing that will happen is that no one will sign up for your music lessons and you will be in the same place that you were when you started. If you are too busy, hire an intern for a few hours a week and spot-check his or her work. Just one new client will more than pays for a intern’s hourly rate or flat rate. In short, think about where people congregate, such as a church or synagogue, for example. See if you can offer a special discount on music lessons to members of their congregation. You get the idea, get out there, and think about where the people are and how to reach them. You have a valuable service that benefits people, and there is no reason that they shouldn’t know about you! I would love to hear your comments and feedback! What ways have you found to market your teaching lessons?