Successful Summer Camps – Boot Camp Training for Music Teachers

Do you suffer from lack of students in summer?
Does your income drop like a rock?!

Maybe you like having a break from teaching music lessons, but you know your pocket book feels it. Do your students do tons of summer camps and activities and are too busy with vacations and camps to have a weekly music lesson? Come on – I know you are saying yes to at least one of these problems, as private music teachers and music school owners we all have the same problem, our students think of us as a school year activity and ditch us for the summer.

We all know what that means, in addition to hurting our personal income, our students suffer – they lose major ground in their music education. Oh the pain we feel as teachers when those kids come back to fall lessons after 8-10 weeks off! It takes weeks or even months to get students back on track and learning again.

But what if YOU could prevent all these problems from happening- the summer nose dive your bank account takes and student learning?!?

What if you could have extra income and you could offer your students and new students a fun summer musical experience that helped them both retain and accelerate their music learning?

 Well you can teach– Summer Camps!

What if I could show you how to easily put together a successful summer camp that is fun for you, fun for the kids and makes you money!

My summer camp program is a customizable music camp system that you could tweak into full day, half day, full week or less, for one instrument or multiple. I don’t care if you teach piano, guitar, or accordion- this exciting and fun music camp system can work for you this summer. You can finally put to an end the loss of income and lack of student progress over the summer with my easy to implement music camp system.

I say these things, because I have been there. I really understand how it feels after 18 years of teaching piano lessons and running a large music school, I know how it feels to have students backslide and not enough money in the bank over summer. It took me ages of trial and error and learning, but over years of being refined I have developed a system for teaching summer camps that anyone can implement. The best part is my special summer camp system is a win, win for everyone. You as the teacher earn more summer income, your students keep learning music in summer and parents get high quality music education and daycare that they need during the summer months.

I am going to take you through step by step my signature music summer camp boot camp for teachers. I have been training other music teachers and music schools how to do this for years.

I am running a very specific webinar on how to do this a Summer Camp boot camp and here is what you are going to learn simple profitable ways to:

I could easily charge a $1000 for this class, but I want to make it affordable for every music teacher……
I am going to show you my step by step system and HOW TO:

  • Structure camps and avoid the biggest mistakes music teachers make.
  • Designing the camp so it works for you and your abilities.
  • How to exactly run the camps each day so kids learn, have fun, and stay engaged.
  • Staff! – How to get cheap and free help for your summer camps.
  • Use referral marketing to get your clients to share with all their friends about summer camps.
  • Planning checklists to help get you ready.

I am even going to throw in a huge bonus and do TWO FREE CONFERENCE CALLS TO FOLLOW UP AND ANSWER ANY OF YOUR QUESTIONS.

BUT, what would it be worth to you?

What would you give if you could add an extra 10 or 20 clients this summer?

What would it be worth to you to do more than one week of camps? Last year alone I grossed over $24,000 teaching 5 weeks of summer camps. What do you want to earn?

Let’s be honest. All music teachers struggle to make extra income during summer, what would you do with the extra money?

Would you take a vacation?
Would you pay of some credit card debt?
Just relax and take a few weeks off – with money in the bank?

Well this is my invitation to you today!  This is a thank you for being part of this music teacher tribe and thank you for being part of making our world better through music. I really truly just want to give back to all the teachers’ out there. This is for all the music teachers that have put their heart and their soul into teaching what they are passionate about.

For the next 48 hours, I am going to have this registration open for the ridiculously low price of $97. So hurry, register right now before the webinar is full and you miss the opportunity to learn how to easily increase your summer income this year and finally put an end to that depleted bank account once and for all.

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You can still catch the two live Q & A Conference calls
Friday February 27th 10am PST
Friday March 7th at 2pm PST


Register Here for Successful Summer Camps – Music Teacher Boot Camp Training Space is limited! Fill out your full name, email and click Buy Now for the low price of $97 for the webinar and two free Q & A conference calls. This package is worth over $1500 and today as a thank you to you for being a teacher it is only $97.

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