If you are a music teacher and you are not promoting yourself and your music lessons online, then you are missing a substantial opportunity.  There are so many good ways to promote yourself in today’s social networking “crazed” era that, it is a true shame not to take advantage of promoting your music lessons online.  A good deal of how goods and services are promoted these days is via the Internet.  Sites such as Facebook and Twitter are simply fantastic. However, they are not the entire story, and there are some key reasons why. Facebook and Twitter do a great job about getting the word out on a variety of subjects and for a variety of businesses, but they are by no means the entire “World of the Internet.”  Since, as a music teacher you are promoting music lessons online, you need to keep in mind that you are promoting a service that is dedicated to a specific region.  The region specific nature of your service means that you should, in addition to social network, look for services that can promote you locally as well.  After all, those who hiring will either be exclusively in your geographical area or close to it.  Using websites such as Craigslist are an absolute must.  There are both free and paid options for Craigslist, and the paid options are quite inexpensive.  This way you will be able to reach people specifically in your area that are looking for your services exactly.  Many businesses and people have had tremendous success using Craigslist to promote everything from music lessons online to selling a couch.  There is no real reason you couldn’t also share this success. In the “old days,” you might have taken out a newspaper ad in order to promote your services.  Today, the newspapers are still running ads, but they often also have a digital counterpart that operates much like Craigslist.  The amount of traffic that goes into sites of this kind varies greatly depending upon the region and the popularity of the newspaper in question.  However, in general it is probably a good idea to run an ad or two with these online newspapers and test the results. Wherever you run your ads, don’t be afraid to change your ad for music lessons online or elsewhere.  By that means, you can experiment see if you will get better results with one type or ad or another.  Just because you fail in your first couple of attempts, does not mean you should give up.  Today, people use the Internet for just about every informational need they have.  For this reason, you need to be marketing your music lessons online and taking advantage of all the different ways that you can reach people.  How are you using the internet? What creative ways have you found to market your music teaching, I would love to hear your comments below