Over the past six months I’ve been test-driving the new lesson book series American Popular Piano with students, and the verdict is in – the kids love it! The piano teaching series is an integrated, comprehensive course of study by Christopher Norton, bestselling creator of the million-selling Micro jazz series, and Scott McBride Smith

I attended Dr. Scott McBride’s workshop at this past summer’s Oregon Music Teachers Association conference. I was really impressed with how the lessons books incorporated modern elements of music – rock, jazz, blues – while still staying true to the core essential elements of teaching music to a student. The series has been really popular with students who are nine and older.

I am sure you have students who are always looking for a song that “sounds really cool.” In the Popular American Piano series, the students learn a song and then play along with a CD that has full band accompaniment at two different tempos. After learning to improve their playing, the students learn how to create their own song from the structure of the original music. The clear explanations of the lessons make it easy for any teacher to guide the student through the activity.

Click on the link below and order a few copies today. I hope you’ll share my enthusiasm. I believe this piano series is sure to become a nationwide favorite teaching method!