Getting organized and accomplishing your daily To-Do list is something that most music teachers seem too often struggle with on a regular basis. I have found that a daily to do list is the best way to make sure the most important tasks get done each day. I take a piece of blank computer paper, fold it in four and use only 1/4 of the page for the daily To-Do list. Keeping the list only on one small page lets me choose the most important tasks to get done for the day. I use one section for my personal/household T-Do list and another 1/4 page for my teaching/studio to do list. Today I found this free widget program that has a To-Do list. You can install it on iGoogle or as a toolbar and make a daily to-do list. The program will not sync with Outlook, but it is just perfect for that daily short To-Do list that you need to get done. It can printed or even emailed. The company is Lab Pixies, so check it out you will like it. Also please leave a comment and let me know what your tricks are to get organized and accomplish your daily To-Do list.