If you are a music teacher, then you know that the lifeblood of your business is finding and retaining new clients who are interested in music lessons. There are lots of ways that you can approach finding that business, but one of the very best is word of mouth. Most private music teachers find that a good portion of their business simply comes from people telling their friends and associates about their music lessons. Consider for a moment how important word of mouth exposure can be. For example, it is one of the key ways that extremely successful films get their break. Many of us often think that it is all the advertising that is responsible for how well a given film does, and much of the time that is true. However, there are occasions when films come out of nowhere and generate huge box office numbers. When this happens. it is usually because of very successful word of mouth. If you can get people talking about how great of a music teacher you are, then you will definitely see new clients roll into your front door for music lessons. So how do you get all of that word of mouth exposure for your music lessons in the first place? One good idea is to offer free classes to your existing clients that refer your services. Don’t shy away from this idea, as it is used by almost every industry you can think of or imagine. If you are teaching a child, for example, it is very likely that the parents know of other parents who may be considering music lessons. Why not let them know that an incentive is on the table? If you are uncomfortable discussing your offer of free music lessons as a thank you for referrals, there are other ways to get the information across. This can be as simple as a sign in your studio or office. Or this detail can be included in an informational pamphlet that you just happen to be giving out to new students. If you have a good relationship with your clients, you can also simply tell them that you are now accepting new students and that they can feel free to spread the word. This simple idea may indeed generate a good deal of word of mouth about your music lessons and fast. Don’t just assume that people will think of telling their friends and associates about your music lessons. For all that they know you may be fully booked. Sometimes you need to spell things out for people if you want to get your desired outcome. This may sound a bit old-fashion, but delivering a very high quality service is probably the single greatest step that you can take to promote your music lessons. A great job performance may lead to many people finding you due to your glowing reviews