You have to watch this video! I love the reversal and outcome of the video. A change of mindset, is exactly what we need when teaching. We are teaching music lessons for the next generation! These are our future teachers, music majors, concert lovers, and music appreciators. It is our job to reach them in the world they live, the world of technology that is ever changing. For the music teacher this can be done through avenues such as a computer labs, Facebook, recording technology. It is our job to connect with students and inspire them. I have been working on some new videos and blog posts centered around this very issue of working with in the “technology reality” of the current generation in order to educate, motivate, and inspire these children with what music is, where we have come from, where we are going and how to appreciate the past of music (the great classical composers) to understand the future. So give you opinion about today’s musical generation. I really think there is a place in this world for all music teachers to connect with their students, working through the students reality. Think about it – I heard on a new bit on National Public Radio about four years ago that said, we have finally graduated from high school a generation of children that have never not known what a computer is! A generation that has always had computers and technology in their daily life. – just food for thought!

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